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A FAST NVMe SSD Testing tool


Geng Yun Technology Pte Ltd (GYTech) is a Singapore company, providing Software platforms for testing and evaluating PCIe/NVMe SSD. We provide one of the FASTEST testing tools for NVMe SSD. PyNVMe3 is used by more than 20 customers, including most of the Tier-1 NAND and SSD Manufacturers.

Any FW & SW design will have bugs. It’s the efficiency of finding & fixing them that makes a winning team. With PyNVMe3, Designers can test quickly and efficiently, early & often in the project cycle. With our basic test suite, you can test your SSD without major additional resources. It’s FAST & Easy. 

PyNVMe3 is an OPEN platform, anchored upon the Python ecosystem. Many of our customers have their own criteria & means to qualify their products. They write their own test scripts without fear of their proprietary features or offerings being compromised.