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GENG YUN Technology Pte. Ltd. (GYTech) specializes in providing NVMe SSD testing technologies and services.

Our flagship product, PyNVMe3, is a groundbreaking NVMe SSD testing tool specifically designed for SSD manufacturers and system integrators. Uniquely equipped with its user-space driver, PyNVMe3 directly connects to SSDs, bypassing the functional limitations and performance overhead of OS kernels. This innovative approach enables PyNVMe3 to generate an enormous IO workload, ensuring comprehensive functionality coverage and precise performance data. This helps our clients to identify issues with their SSD products at an early stage. 

As a versatile standard Python library, PyNVMe3 integrates seamlessly with other third-party Python libraries, significantly enhancing the efficiency of scripting for test development. Our tool has fostered a growing testing ecosystem that encompasses most Tier-1 SSD manufacturers and controller suppliers. Through this third-party platform, these stakeholders share test cases with each other, enhancing collaborative development and testing efficiency. 

PyNVMe3 is not just a software; it’s an open, fast, and extensible platform for NVMe SSD testing. Alongside PyNVMe3, GYTech offers comprehensive reports and services to the industry. Serving as a third-party test solution, PyNVMe3 has become a widely recognized common platform for collaboration between OEM Vendors, SSD Manufacturers, and Controller Designers globally.