Kioxia ExceriaPRO 1TB

The function tests all pass in our conformance tests. But its temperature is really high, which makes performance degrade soon. The power efficiency is also low.

Kioxia ExceriaPro 1TB

Basic Information

In this report, we test Kioxia’s ExceriaPro with 980Pro and SN850 from Samsung and WD respectively. They are all designed for high-end Client market, like gaming PC.

Model Name Firmware Version
SN850 WDS100T1X0E-00AFY0 614900WD
980PRO Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB 5B2QGXA7


First of all, let’s check their latency.

Max Write Latency

10 IOPS (ms) 512B 1QD 10p filled (ms) RW mixed with trim (ms)
ExceriaPro 7.524 12.370 74.991
SN850 0.287 6.555 15.846
980PRO 8.616 8.462 113.652

ExceriaPro’s latency is well controlled.


SSD can handle read/write IO in an optimized performance. We can find all 3 drives have good and similar performance.

Sequential Write

10% filled (MB/s) 50% trimmed (MB/s)
ExceriaPro 3864.533 3276.470
SN850 4833.883 3225.354
980PRO 3065.800 2938.130

Random Write

10% filled (K IOPS) 50% filled (K IOPS) 90% filled (K IOPS)
ExceriaPro 406.271 228.391 205.133
SN850 280.283 250.407 158.988
980PRO 386.622 629.517 544.405


Except for read and write, Trim is also a common command in nowadays’ OS. We test its performance by trim half LBA space.

ExceriaPro’s trim performance is good, but the max latency can be improved.

IOPS (K) Max Latency (ms) Average Latency (ms) performance before trim (MB/s) performance after trim (MB/s)
ExceriaPro 4.184 72.726 3.811 1458.113 3276.470
SN850 4.184 13.649 3.804 2029.665 3225.354
980PRO 1.676 58.529 9.535 2172.154 2938.130

All 3 drives can be benefited from Trim operations. Here is the seqential write performance of ExceriaPro before and after half capacity trim.



If we use SSD in laptop, the power consumption is also a key consideration. We list TMT1/2 setting below.

TMT1 (℃) TMT2 (℃)
ExceriaPro 69 73
SN850 80 82
980PRO 81 82

We can notice that TMT1/TMT2 of ExceriaPro is extremely now.


We compare the performance and power consumption of Y9000 and 980Pro in sequential write test below.



ExceriaPro has similar SLC cache size and speed as Samsung’s 980Pro. When SLC cache is used up, and temperatures become high, both of them start thermal throttling at about 60th second. After that, 980Pro temperature can be lower, and the performance goes high again when the temperature is low enough. But ExceriaPro’s tempearture is always going higher, and the performance drops again at about 110th second, to than 1000MB/s.

We then check the blue power curve in the above diagrams. At 80th second, both SSD’s write speed is about 1GB/s. ExceriaPro’s power consumption is about 6W, while 980Pro is about 4W. The gap is extremely huge.

When we check the longer test period, we can find that the temperature and power consumption both stay high, and the performance stay below 1000MB/s.



ExceriaPro has the same problem on read. The power consumption is very high, even higher than 8W at sometime.



When temperature/power/performance are stable after 80th second, we capture data below:

performance (MB/s) power (mW) performance/power (GB/J)
ExceriaPro 3800 5300 0.72
980PRO 5200 5000 1.04

ExcerialPro’s power efficency is quite low.

We also run the same test on the aged ExcerialPro, and find it cannot enter the balance stage of temperature and performance. The performance drops to almost 0 often.